5 Ways NetEnt Prevents Cases of Rigged Slots with Their Games

NetEnt has over two decades of experience in providing casino products to online casinos and players. Through its course, the software provider has updated its system to ensure players have fair chances of winning with their slot machines at http://www.1netentcasino.info . Here are five ways the software developer ensure fairness with their slots.

Return to Player Rates

How do you know how much you will get from a slot machine in case you pull off a win? Most online casinos have a system for dishing out wins for winners at https://www.4freephonebillanalysis.com . NetEnt uses a return to player rate to dictate the amount of winnings that a player keeps from the slot machine.

  • High RTP benefits the player
  • Low RTP rates benefit house

Return to player refers to the percentage a player gets from the online casino after finishing all rounds. The RTP is calculated using mathematical formulas. Most NetEnt games features a high RTP rate to attract more players to their slot machines. A high RTP means a player keeps most of their wins.


Random Number Generator

The norm for traditional land-based casinos who that the house determined when a player could win and which amount. However, the game is different when it comes online casinos and their winnings. NetEnt has a system in place to ensure the winnings are completely random through the use of the Random Number Generator.

A random number generator refers to a written code which is engraved into the architecture of the slot machine. The RNG generates a series of random numbers which are fed to the system that translates into random outcomes. Therefore, the chances of a player winning at the online casino remains completely random.

System of Variance

Each casino game presents a certain risk level of either winning or losing by the player. The risk level refers to the variance or the volatility of the slots. The variance relates closely to the RTP rate. A high RTP rate means the chances of winning are low and the risk level is high.

  • High RTP rate has more winnings
  • Low RTP rate has less winnings

Low variance means that a casino game has a high winning chance rate but with a low amount. However, high variance games have a substantial winning amount but not often. Therefore, you should have proper knowledge of the risk level of each game before proceeding to place your wagers at the online casino.

Licensing and Regulation

A common trend with most online casinos is operating without a license from international regulatory bodies. This is against the rules and is an indicator of an illegitimate online casino. All online casinos require licensing to operate within regulated markets before offering their casino products to players. The same applies for NetEnt.

NetEnt is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. It is also closely related to Malta Gaming Authority. The software developer also has licenses from the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. These bodies ensure that the software developer is operating within the regulations and international standards. NetEnt also holds licenses in a number of regulated markets.

Why Should You Care for Casino Licenses?

Licenses ensure that the online casino is operating within its regulations. The regulatory bodies test and approve the casino games before rolling out to online casinos. The bodies check the Random Number Generator to ensure it is operating within the set standards. It ensures that the results of the slot machines are purely random and not tampered with.

  • UK operating license
  • Regulated markets

Therefore, part of your overall strategy at the online casino should involve checking whether a particular online casino has operating licenses. You can find the licensing credentials of a particular online casino at the bottom part of their webpage. In case the online casino does not show their licensing information, you should treat it as a red flag.